Nicole Holmes

Gym Owner

Nicole was a competitive gymnast for 9 years, reaching Level 10, competing at 5 National Championships and competing internationally during her gymnastics career.

Upon retiring from gymnastics, Nicole took up coaching and achieved great results with her gymnasts reaching the State Championships each year.

Nicole's passion for cheerleading was ignited when she watched a friend compete in 2005 at the fledgeling NSW Cheerleading State Championships. She was inspired to start her own team and her gymnastics background was the perfect starting point.

Nicole is a Level 6 Cheerleading Coach in Stunts, Tumbling and Tosses with the International All Star Federation. She also has a BA in Psychology and a postgraduate diploma is Sports Counselling.

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Sarah Conlon

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Conlon is our company Chief Operating Officer. Sarah’s focus is our vision and culture here at Gymstars. Her bubbly and welcoming energy makes our athletes and families feel excited to be here.

This is Sarah’s third year at Gymstars and she has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our program. From owning her own companies, coaching multiple national award winning teams and taking teams to the World Championships, Sarah is one of our industry’s veterans.

Sarah is looking forward to working with our coaches, staff, athletes and families to make 2023 our best year yet!

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Alena Tracy

Head of Dance Program

Alena Tracy is the Head of our Dance Program at Gymstars. Alena has been dancing for over 15 years and her love and passion of dance translates to her love of teaching dance at Gymstars.

Alena has coached our dance teams to become both State and National Champions. This is Alena’s third year teaching dance at Gymstars and she is excited to make more special memories throughout the year.

Last year Alena was a National Grand Champion and she is striving for the teams she coaches to experience this magical moment also.

Alena teaches dance alongside studying to be a primary school teacher at university, her nurturing and encouraging energy means she always gets the best out of our dancers.

We are excited to have Alena step into her new role at Gymstars in 2023!

Kathy Cook

Cheerleading Coach

Kathy Cook is an All-Star Cheerleading and Tumbling Coach from North Carolina! She began cheering in 1999 and fell in love with coaching 20 years ago. Kathy has coached for many successful programs across the United States and Internationally bringing home world champion, summit champion, D2 summit champion, NCA, and triple crown titles. She also is a part of the Nfinity GenNeXt camps in Australia and the U.S. for the last two years. Along with an unmatched love for the younger athletes, her passion is in tumbling technique for all levels while building new skills and confidence along the way!

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Lisa Hermann

Cheerleading Coach

Lisa has been involved in cheerleading since 2008 when she was on one of Gymstars first competition teams and competed on Lady Vixens at the 2015 World Championships.

Lisa has been coaching since 2010 and loves to be part of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes for a team to achieve their goals!

Some highlights for Lisa were taking Lady Vixens to worlds in 2018, Junior 3 to NCA in 2016 and more recently taking a Senior 2 team she was coaching in Germany to the Summit last year.

We are thrilled to have Lisa back at Gymstars and can’t wait to see what she will bring to our program this season!

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Mel Moran

Cheerleading Coach

Mel has been a part of Gymstars since 2021 and has been coaching cheerleading & tumbling since 2015. Prior to this, she has a background in multiple sports including gymnastics.

As both a coach and athlete, Mel has won multiple state and national championships, and will be competing at Worlds in April with Lady Vixens.

We love having Mel at Gymstars and can’t wait to see her teams shine this season!

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Georgie Longo

Cheerleading and Dance Coach

Cheer & Dance Coach Georgie! Georgie has been with Gymstars since 2021 and is in her 9th year of Cheerleading. This is her first year of coaching at Gymstars and she is excited to share her knowledge with her athletes.

Her goal is to develop her skills as a coach with the aim to help young Cheerleaders know the importance of discipline, hard work, team effort, determination, heart and having fun. She strives to be a positive role model and is looking forward to seeing the younger athletes grow.

Last year Georgie was part of Lady Vixens who won National Grand Champions and will now be achieving one of her biggest goals by representing Gymstars at the World Championships in Florida this April.

We are excited to have Georgie as part of the family here at Gymstars!

Amy Kiddle

Cheerleading Coach

Amy has been cheering for 9 years, but only recently joined the Gymstars family in 2021. She has 3 years of Coaching experience and is very excited to share her knowledge and experience with the Gymstars athletes.

Amy is a 3x National Champion and a 2x Grand National Champion. She competed at the World cheerleading Championships last year in Florida and is excited to compete again this year with her team Lady Vixens. Her dream is to take her own team to Worlds one day!!

Amy is highly dedicated and has a genuine passion for helping her athletes grow and achieve new goals. She hopes to inspire others and be a positive role model in the gym. She is beyond excited for the 2024 season at Gymstars!!

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Charlee Kwintner

Dance Coach

Charlee has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She has been with Gymstars for the past 6 years doing both cheer and dance. Last year she became both a National and state champion for dance.

This is Charlee’s second year coaching at Gymstars Dance Dynasty and she is really excited for the year ahead as a coach and a dancer.

Charlee brings a great knowledge and passion for all things dance! Her athletes look up to her as she is an exceptional mentor and role model who leads by example.

Mikaeli Turner

Cheerleading Coach

Mikaeli has been part of the Gymstars Cheer and Dance program for 12 years, having started her cheerleading journey at the age of 5. Not only is she an accomplished athlete, but this is her second year coaching at our program and she is extremely excited about starting the season as an athlete and coach.

For the past 2 years Mikaeli was part of Lady Vixens who won National Grand Champions and achieved her goal of representing Gymstars cheer and dance at the World Championships in Florida last April and will be competing again this year with Lady Vixens!

She is deeply passionate about sharing her knowledge with young athletes and helping in their skill development. As a coach, she brings enthusiasm and a genuine desire to see her athletes thrive. Mikaeli aspires to be an uplifting and positive role model for her athletes.

Chloe Thomas

Cheerleading Coach

Chloe’s has been at Gymstars for 8 years participating in both Cheerleading and Dance. She is representing Gymstars at the world championship in 2024 for Vogue and has been selected to represent Team Australia at the ICU world championships. Chloe has won 8 national champion titles and received the TITA award for her positive attitude and energy she brings to Gymstars.

Her goals are to help develop athletes to reach their full potential and be an effective fun coach that always uplifts and pushes athletes to there best. Chloe is very excited too be apart of the gymstars coaching team.

Zoe McCook

Dance Coach

Zoe McCook, has been with Gymstars Cheer and Dance for 9 years, and has been dancing with Gymstars for the past 2 years.
She has competed at the Global DC Games in Hawaii, holds three national championship titles and has just finished a successful, undefeated season on our senior hip hop team, Lux. In 2022 Zoe was awarded with Our honourable Tita award to represent and showcase her positive attitude and motivating personality.
Zoe is a dedicated athlete, leader, and coach , who strives to teach and motivate every athlete of all ages and abilities.
Zoe is extremely excited to work with our talented dancers in our evolving dance program and cannot wait to watch them thrive with her guidance.

Bailey Holmes

Cheerleading Coach

Bailey has been apart of the Gymstars community since 2008, this is her first year coaching and is thrilled to have her own teams.
Baileys goal this year is to be a fun and helpful coach, but to also produce the best novice teams possible.
This year Bailey will be attending the 2024 cheerleading world championships with her team vogue!! She is also apart of our level 4 team blackout and our 2 time national champion senior hip hop team Lux

Carys Locke

Cheerleading Coach

Carys has been with Gymstars for the past year and has been coaching cheer and tumbling for the past 4 years! She was a national grand champ with Lady Vixens and has competed at the cheerleading worlds! 2024 will be her 9th season doing cheer as an athlete and she is so excited to be joining the coaching team!